Taking a Look Back at Some of the Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2017

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As another year comes to an end, people often find themselves looking back on all of the exciting things that happened over the past 12 months, including some fun holiday highlights. Due to the ease of patronizing Halloween costume stores online, this past year saw some pretty creative costumes. Ranging from pop culture references to favorite classics, 2017's Halloween costumes were arguably some of the best yet! And this article is going to look back on four of the most popular Halloween costumes we saw this year.

  1. Wonder Woman: This year saw a lot of girl power, and Wonder Woman was no exception. The film broke records at the box office and fans of all ages found inspiration in the superhero. With approximately 3.76 million children in America dressing as their favorite superhero on Halloween, Wonder Woman was a go-to choice. Whether it was the traditional DC Comics red corset and blue skirt featuring stars, or the costume inspired by Gal Gadot herself, this past Halloween saw plenty of trick-or-treaters and party-goers channeling their inner Wonder Woman.
  3. Clowns: From silly and sweet to freakishly frightening, clowns of all kinds came out to play in 2017. For those who were looking for more scary costumes for women or men, clowns were a popular choice. While clowns tend to show up every Halloween, there seemed to have been an increase this past year. Possibly due to the return of It, there were people of all ages dressed as the terrifying Pennywise the clown. There were even some Pennywise choices among the scary Halloween costumes for tweens.
  5. Unicorn: Millennials sure do love unicorns and everything magical, so it only makes sense that many people chose to dress up as a mystical unicorn for Halloween. People got creative with their unicorn costumes -- from magical, glittery makeup with a horn, to a comfy onesie, or even mimicking the infamous Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, unicorns seemed to completely take over this past Halloween.

And of course, we saw the usual flower power costumes, the bloody vampire couple costumes, and the deadly zombie prom queen costume, which are all classic favorites. But no matter what costume people choose, Halloween is a time dress up and have fun. And with the convenience of Halloween costume stores online, you have no excuse to not have a killer costume ready for next year.

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