Halloween 2020 Ideas Amidst the Chaos of COVID 19

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halloween and covid 19

Halloween is around the corner, and with the ongoing chaos of COVID19, there will be a different angle to the celebrations. Here are a few ideas that can raise hair, be eerie, and spook to celebrate the best festival of October.

Start your home- like the Christmas celebrations for Halloween during COVID 19 it will be wise to decorate the house in a big way. Lights, pumpkins, and spooky sights will add to the charm. Using black, orange, and white lights will add to the festive vibes. Make giant spiders, cut witches hat, make cats, and other spooky sights to channelize the Halloween feel at home and get dressed in your favorite Halloween Costume.

Science it up- enter your kitchen lab and create potions galore. Make Vampire Slime, Pumpkin play dough, spiders delight, Dragon’s Brew, or Bloody Mary all this will add to the spooky fun.

Halloween Hunt- like a treasure hunt, make Spooky Halloween Hunt. , make scenes give related clues and as a family search for the prizes that will raise hair.

Spooky movie drive- watching scary movies all night and day to celebrate the weird festival is fun. Depending on the level of the family’s terror, opt for the film and get some popcorn to enjoy the fun.

Glow in the dark egg- add spooky faces or use Halloween stickers to make them as per the theme. With glow sticks in the plastic eggs can be a part of the spooky fun. Search the eggs during the night in complete darkness and enjoy the craze.

Halloween themed food- the Halloween themed treats will cast a spell on you. Make eyeball pasta made with sliced mozzarella cheese, or kiwi cupcakes for the one-eyed green witch, Spider Pizza with Olives, or Vampire Potion fort the tomato beetroot juice. Be wild and spooky with cute, creepy, scary and enjoy the bliss of Halloween while Quarantined.

Zoom Halloween party- the best use of the Internet during the tough times is using it for Zoom Parties. Dress up and stay home, connect with your loved ones to celebrate the function.

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