Top 5 Men's Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner. It’s the one night when that old saying comes true: You can be anything you want. These days, we still treat Halloween as a night when anything can happen such as party traditions like bonfires, pumpkin carvings, and trick or treat etcetera. Scary men’s Halloween costumes are the norm, but funny and topical getups can easily win the night. These top 5 best Men’s Halloween costumes for men offer something for everyone like humor, fear, fandom, and many others. In case you have full Halloween plans, or you’re just looking for a last-minute idea, these creative costumes got your back.

1. Batman Costume - Batman is timeless: a rich man who can live a comfortable life yet chooses to be a vigilante fighting evil. Discover your own dark side by becoming the Dark Knight. His costume is a grey and black jumpsuit with dark-colored briefs, boots, hood & cape. You can wear a yellow utility belt with the bat symbol in a yellow oval on the chest. You can pull up several versions of this look. Some of them have padding in the chest and shoulders to give you the look of a muscular physique without spending hours in the gym. This makes your batman look more realistic for Halloween. 

2. Skeleton: The skeleton is a Halloween mainstay, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one. Skeleton getups will always be fun, sweet looking, and just creepy enough to turn heads.  Skeleton costumes are indeed the spookiest way to celebrate Halloween. I admit you probably won't frighten anyone by going in a skeleton costume, but you just can go right away with the classic skull and bones look of an animated designer skeleton. The idea of the animated skeleton represents the undead first took hold in the middle ages.

3. Dracula Vampire: Sucking blood look for Halloween never goes out of style. We all know everybody loves the look of a good vampire, but it doesn’t have to be Twilight-style. You can get the Dracula look by wearing a sweeping black cape. When you're going to prepare for the Halloween party, just think of the basics you need to pull the look; cape, dress, fangs, and of course, fake blood. Once you've got those items, you're on your way to DIY-ing a show stopping vampire costume. Luckily, you can purchase all the items on online websites like Amazon or at your local party store.

4. Tarzan: For your Halloween night, you can indulge and show-off your uncivilized side. Do it as Tarzan in a suitably torn animal print cloth. The wilder you look, the better it will be. Choose a caveman costume for Tarzan and build a tent of branches and large leaves and bring a picnic of succulent fruit. Enjoy it together with your friends as it is one of the easiest looks to carry with the least amount of effort. I guess this could be a Halloween costume for me this year. 

5. Joker Costume: Anyone who ever portrays the Joker always tends to push the limits further. You can terrify everyone with menacing face paint and that famous purple suit. You could even complete your look with tattoo special effects and crazy wigs. There is plenty of joker looks you can choose from for your Halloween night such as Suicide Squad Joker, Dark Knight Joker, Animated Series Joker, and many more.

In case you would want to try something extra for Halloween night this year and want to frighten your friends and relatives. Give it a try to one of the men’s Halloween costumes mentioned above and just seize the night!


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