Halloween Costumes For Your Next Costume Party

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It's summer and you've been invited to a costume party. The theme is the Roaring 20s. What do you wear?  It's not Halloween yet, so you can't visit your local Halloween store to pick out a costume.

That’s where thehalloweenspot.com comes in.

While tradition is to have men dress as gangsters and women dress as flapper girls for a 1920s themed party, there a wide-variety of other options that could fit this theme.

For men, our Fat Cat Costume is the perfect fit for a Roaring 20s theme party. It features a hooded jumpsuit, hat and tie. You can add a mustache for a completed look. Gangsters of the 1920s were not known to be particularly thin, so this costume would be historically accurate and would crack a smile among partygoers.

Women can step into a Gatsby-themed costume party in this Madame L’amour Burlesque Costume, and it’s sure to earn you a best dressed award. This burlesque costume includes the top, a drawstring skirt and feather hair piece. To complete the look, add knee-high stockings and costume jewelry.


Whether you’re looking ahead at the Halloween season, or you have a costume party to attend, thehalloweenspot.com has everything you need.

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