Top Women’s Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween the spooky festival has a very creative side to it. Women may not be
dressed in frills, nets, or silks yet, the fun is to look amiable and beautiful but in
the most spooky manner. Here are a few ideas that could suit your and style,
inspiration, and budget for this Halloween.

  1. The Unicorn- irrespective of age any girl loves Unicorn and dressing up like the white beauty with a dash of pastels is an idea that any lady will cherish. Wear the wig with colors of unicorn along with the best dress and sway like the mythological character for this Halloween.
  2. Hocus Pocus witch- the witch is scary and with all her power dressing up as a witch can be fun. Along with the dress, accessorizing with the witch hat and broom can add to the spookiness of the festival. Cast a spell on the onlookers and slay them all.
  3. Zombie costumes- Zombies have an unmatched attraction attached to them. The Zombie look for the festival of ghosts is a perfect match. Wear the Zombie makeup and feel aligned to the Halloween vibes.
  4. Fairy costume- is there any lady who wouldn’t love dressing up as a fairy and wear the wings along with a wishing wand in her hand. Wear the dress, and get in the character by swaying the magic wand and win all the hearts.
  5. Marilyn Monroe costume- out of control, making mistakes yet the most searched and desired lady, is Marilyn Monroe and all ladies want to get clicked in that epic Marilyn moment. Thus, this Halloween ticks your bucket list and get dressed like the iconic lady and capture the iconic moment.
  6. Old School Britney Spears look- dress like the Princess of Pop and dive to the golden era. Old is gold and nothing can go wrong with this evergreen look from the yesteryear.
  7. Wonder woman dress- the peaceful, fierce, diplomat, and raging warrior woman, sets the mood for Halloween and is perfect for the festival.

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