Halloween Costumes & Accessories

Halloween Costume Accessories

It's easy to think accessories are not important but what's a Flapper Costume without a Boa, what's a Warrior Costume without a Sword and Shield and what's a 60's Costume without that Wig. So Complete your Halloween Costume with wigs, gloves, masks, petticoat and tutus all at great prices.

Try Out One of Our Costume Kits.

Costume Kits

These costume kits are made to give you that Halloween Costume look without breaking the bank or stressing out. Our top seller the Men's 90s Rocker Kit is perfect for any costume party, Office costume party or even for Halloween. Get any black tee shirt, along with this kit and you will be rocking all night.

Another one of our favorites for the ladies our Women's Sailor scarf and hat is just perfect. Turn any white top into a costume when you get this awesome costume kit. this is perfect for our teachers who need to dress up in costume for any school event or Office costume parties.

From wigs, boas, swords, masks, boot covers, makeup, mustache and beards, headbands and tights, The Halloween Spot has all your Halloween Costumes needs all in one place.

Make any Halloween costume the absolute best when you accessorize with costume accessories from The Halloween Spot! Our Halloween accessories make any costume come alive. From wigs to masks and makeup to hats, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make sure your Halloween costume is the best one at the party! Shop now and complete your unique Halloween look!

Halloween Wigs

Halloween Costume Wigs

Use Halloween as an excuse to change your do! Drastically changing your hair for Halloween is made easy here at The Halloween Spot! Slip into a stylish wig, and you’ll turn yourself into the character of your dreams! No one will be able to recognize you when you walk into the party in an awesome Halloween wig! We dare you to wig out!

Halloween Masks

Halloween MasksCover your face with a Halloween mask and you’ll have everyone at the party fooled! If you don’t want to spend ample time adding makeup to your face, a Halloween mask is the perfect alternative. You’ll feel just like the character you’re trying to portray, and everyone will be in shock when you reveal who you truly are!

Halloween Makeup

halloween makeup

Makeup is an art form! Decorate your face to match the character you’d like to embody on Halloween night. Here at The Halloween Spot we carry all the Halloween makeup you’ll ever need! From creams and greases to character kits and special effects, we know how to do makeup! It’s time to accessorize! Whether you’re looking for kid’s accessories or adult accessories, we’re your one stop shop for only the best Halloween costume accessories around.