Costume Ideas for Holidays Besides Halloween

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When it comes to dressing up, Halloween is the master holiday. From a baseball zombie costume to a space cadet costume, people really get creative and go all out. In fact, people in the United States spend about $9.1 billion on Halloween every year. From costumes to decorations for parties, people go crazy for this spooky holiday. But what about the rest of the year? For people who love to dress up, there's no reason to not wear costumes for other holidays throughout the year. With online costume stores having so much to offer, there are plenty of options for DIY costumes for other favorite holidays. So to help make sure your holiday costumes are all you could ever hope for, we've compiled a list of a few DIY costumes for some of our other favorite holidays.

Besides having another excuse to eat candy all day, Easter is a great time to get creative with some awesome costumes. For this holiday, animals are the way to go. From an adult lamb costume to an adorable baby bunny outfit for the kids, there are plenty of fuzzy creatures you can choose from. Bunny ears are super easy to make. By starting off with a headband, you can simply cut out some ear shapes from colored felt and hot glue them on. Another material you can use is pipe cleaners, which are easy to bend into any animal ear shape. If you're looking for something besides animals, why not dress up like a giant carrot or an easter egg? With some basic colored t-shirts and more felt, you can create your own masterpiece in no time.

Thanksgiving is a day all about the food. Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes make this holiday truly scrumptious. But while you're eating turkey, why not be dressed up as one? There are plenty of ways to make a turkey outfit -- from full body options to just adding some tail feathers, there's no reason to not look as good as the turkey on your plate. Try cutting out some tail feathers from brown, orange, yellow, and red felt and gluing them on to a belt or band you can wear around your waist. Or if you're looking for something even easier, you can make simple pilgrim hats or Native American headwear out of construction paper. Either way, you're bound to be the center of attention at dinner.

Ah, Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. (Besides Halloween, that is). Christmas parties are what we wait for all year long -- with yummy cookies, pretty lights, and eggnog, what's not to love? Well, why not take it to the next level this year and go all out on your outfit?Besides the typical Santa, why not dress up as a snowman? This is super easy to do with a white t-shirt, some black felt for buttons, and a scarf and hat you probably already have laying around the house. Or instead of a womens gnome costume, you can elf yourself with some felt-tip ears and construction paper on your shoes to make a classic elf look.

Today's online costume stores have so many options for costumes you can wear all year round. Don't be afraid to take bits and pieces from different costumes, break out the hot glue gun and craft materials, and get creative. With a little bit of inspiration and the help of some online costume stores, you're sure to be the hit of every holiday party this year.

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