Common Misconceptions About Halloween: Part 2

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mexican wrestler costumeIn the first installment of this two-part series, we talked about the history of jack-o-lanterns, Halloween's origin, and safety concerns surrounding the holiday. We established Halloween is a safe and fun celebration that allows people to pick out a festive Mexican wrestler costume, a scary soul reaper costume, or a classic zombie prom queen costume and just have fun. But to further reveal the truth about Halloween, let's take a look at a few more common misconceptions.

Halloween and Day of the Dead are the same holiday
Mexico celebrates Día de Los Muertos to honor the dead. It's a holiday that is based on Aztec customs and Catholic holidays that welcomes the temporary return of the spirits of deceased loved ones. The celebrations have evolved to include elaborate costumes and making edible candy skulls. So while there are costumes, they aren't the same scary costumes for women you see on Halloween.

Halloween celebrations have always included trick or treating
The phrase "trick or treat" wasn't actually used in the United States until 1927. As Samhain rituals evolved into All Hallows Day, the poor would go door to door asking for food while offering prayers for the dead. The general idea of the tradition was brought over by the Irish, but it eventually evolved into the candy-focused tradition we know today. So instead of offering prayers for the dead, children can simply ring a doorbell wearing a fun Mexican wrestler costume and get well-earned candy.

People who celebrate Halloween worship the devil
Unfortunately, this is one of the most common misconceptions about Halloween. The Celtic people who celebrated Samhain did not actually believe in the devil and did not celebrate Samhain as a way to worship any god. Sacrifices of crops and food items were offered to honor the dead, who were believed to come back as spirits on this day. The holiday was more about celebrating life rather than worshiping any devil or god.

Halloween is a fun-filled holiday that has become a common tradition for many people around the world. Hopefully, this two-part series cleared up any confusion you had regarding this holiday. While Halloween is mainly about searching Halloween online stores for the perfect costume and eating candy in today's society, it's always important to remember the rich cultural background that brought this holiday to us.

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