3 Halloween Costume Ideas for Sports Fans

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Ever since immigrants from Ireland and Scotland introduced Halloween to the United States in the 1800s, we've enjoyed dressing up, watching scary movies, and eating tons of candy every October. But if you have another passion, you may be wondering how you can combine Halloween with your favorite hobby. If you're into sports, there are tons of ways to incorporate your favorite sport or team into Halloween. So if you need a Halloween costume and are a sports fan, consider one of these costume ideas.

Referee: One of the most popular sports costumes the past several years has been a referee. Dressing up as a referee is both fun and easy. For the costume itself, all you need is a white and black striped shirt. You'll also need some flags to throw at your friends and of course, a whistle. If you're a true sports fan, you know how mad referees can make you sometimes when they make a bad call. So why not poke some fun at this and go as a blind referee? Overall, this costume is simple and you can have fun throwing flags and blowing your whistle all night.

Zombie athlete: It can be super easy to dress up as your favorite athlete. All you need is a jersey or a piece of clothing or accessory that is specific to your favorite player. But since this is almost too easy, you could make it a little more creative and go as a zombie athlete! Something like a baseball zombie costume is a great way to combine your love of sports and the spooky side of Halloween. With a battered costume, some face paint, and a few accessories, you can be on your way to being the scariest athlete yet.

Sports balls: If going as a person seems too boring for you, why not go as the actual sports ball itself? These are super simple party costume ideas. You can buy a football, baseball, or basketball costume and walk around quite literally as your favorite sport. Or you can get creative and DIY a costume -- with a colored t-shirt and some paint, you can make yourself look like a sports ball. Or if you need a Halloween costume last-minute, you can even wear all yellow or all red and go as a "yellow card" or "red card". Going as a sports ball will make you the hit of the party -- quite possibly literally.

If you need a Halloween costume, hopefully, this article gave you some good ideas. Combining your love of sports with Halloween can help you enjoy this holiday even more.

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