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Men's Psychedelic 1960s Hippy Costume

Get ready to hip hop on the dance floor during the holiday season with our wide collection of Hippie Halloween costumes. Go back in time and dress like the perfect 1970’s or 1960’s style to rock the show at the next party. You can purchase the best hippie costume only at the Halloween Spot.

If you are planning for a party this Halloween season then the Halloween Spot is the right place to visit. We offer a wide range of Halloween costumes, Christmas costumes, St. Patrick’s Day costumes and many more. You can dress up in your favorite style of character to enjoy the party. The Halloween hippie costumes are one such attraction that will take you back to the 70’s or 60’s decade. These costumes clearly resemble the height of fashion we had during the era. Designed with the best fabrics these men’s costumes come in various shapes, sizes and colours. You can choose your costume depending on how groovy you want to be this festive season.

Men's 1960s Groovy Hippie Costume

Out of the various hippie costumes that we have, the men’s Orion hippie costume, the 60’s Psychedelic CND suit and 1960’s tie and dye top and flared trousers are some of the best selling costumes on our website. You can purchase them for any vintage themed parties to make your friends jealous. These costumes can also be used for any music festivals like the burning man festival. We also provide the zombie hippie costume that will give you the most unique look during any Halloween parties.

To complete these unique hippie costumes we also provide various hippie accessories like the goggles, hippie wigs, beard and moustache and many more. You can also check out the hippie medallion in the accessories section on our website.

Therefore if you are looking to rock and roll at the next vintage or Halloween party then these hippie Halloween costumes are the best that you can purchase. These unique printed costumes will make every head turn at you in the party.