Women's Roaring 20's Costume "Downton Doll" Costume Set

  • $52.99

Exquisite midnight blue embossed stretch velvet dress with jeweled neckline and sequin fringe trim. Includes jeweled headpiece with ostrich feather.

MATERIAL :DRESS: Body 91% Polyester 9% Spandex Trimming 65% Rayon 35% Polyester Exclusive Of Decoration

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Size Chart
1X Dress Size 16-18
1X Bust (in inches) 44-46"
1X Waist (in inches) 38-40
1X Hips (in inches) 46-48"
1X Height 5'0-5'9
1X Weight 180lbs-220lbs
1X Cup Size
2X Dress Size 20-22
2X Bust (in inches) 48-50"
2X Waist (in inches) 42-44"
2X Hips (in inches) 50-52"
2X Height 5'0-5'9
2X Weight 220lbs-260lbs
2X Cup Size
3X Dress Size 24-26
3X Bust (in inches) 52-54"
3X Waist (in inches) 46-48"
3X Hips (in inches) 54-56"
3X Height 5'0-5'9
3X Weight 260lbs-300lbs
3X Cup Size
1X/2X Dress Size 16-18
1X/2X Bust (in inches) 40-38"
1X/2X Waist (in inches) 36-40"
1X/2X Hips (in inches) 42-48"
1X/2X Height 5'0-5'9
1X/2X Weight 165lbs-225lbs
1X/2X Cup Size D/DD
3X/4X Dress Size 18-20
3X/4X Bust (in inches) 48-54"
3X/4X Waist (in inches) 40-44"
3X/4X Hips (in inches) 50-56"
3X/4X Height 5'0-5'9
3X/4X Weight 225lbs-275lbs
3X/4X Cup Size DD
O/S QUEEN Dress Size 16-20
O/S QUEEN Bust (in inches) 40"-54"
O/S QUEEN Waist (in inches) 36"-44"
O/S QUEEN Hips (in inches) 42"-56"
O/S QUEEN Height 5'0-5'9
O/S QUEEN Weight 165lbs-257lbs

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