Hippie Halloween Costume Accessories

Hippie Costume Accessories

Adult Hippie Festival Kit

Get ready for the next 1960’s Hippie party with the best hippie costume from the Halloween Spot. To complete these hippie costumes the Halloween Spot also offers a wide range of hippie costume accessories. You can purchase the matching costume accessories for the Hippie Halloween costumes that we offer on our online store.

The decade of 1960 was famous for the hipsters and the Halloween Spot provides you with all the fashion accessories that the dude or the women had during the time. You can purchase a wide range of hippie costume accessories for men and women by browsing through our categories. These accessories are available in various shapes, sizes and colours. You can either purchase either a single accessory or a kit that contains all the matching accessories for a costume. With the perfect stylish kit you will rock the party and everyone will be admiring you.

1970's Hippie Instant Kit

The wigs, the glasses and the big medallion are the most popular in this category. They are available in various styles and colours for both men and women. You can also get a hippie wig to rock the dance floor. The style never ends when you get big ear rings and medallion kits for women. The psychedelic print shirts and coat are quiet popular and are some of the best selling in the category. You can also get the matching headband and pair of neon glasses to look cool at the party. The famous Afro wig is another great hippie styled look that you can have for this Halloween season.

If you have purchased the fashionable hippie costume for your next weekend party, come to ‘hippie costume accessories’ to get the matching accessories for your costume. The Halloween Spot will never disappoint you as we provide a wide range of accessories for every individual, whether it’s men or women.