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Men's Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes For Men

Men want Halloween Costumes to be easy. So that's exactly what we did. With Adult Men Costumes from Day of the Dead Halloween Costumes to Pirate Costumes, our Halloween Costumes for Men section will make shopping for a Halloween Costume a breeze. Don't forget to check out our Costume Accessories section to complete the look.


Popular Men's Costumes

90s Stupid Tuxedo


The is dumb and then there is dumb and dumber. These costume are loud obnoxious and ridiculous. Just what every guys wants in a costume. Available in orange and blue this costume is always a top seller during Halloween.


Men's Day of The Dead Senor Bones Costume

Always a Halloween Costume Favorite for Men, this costume embodies what Halloween is all about. Available with the hat included, all you will need with this costume is a full facial makeup. 


Authentic Western Wandering Gunman Costume

There is the good, the bad and the ugly. Il Buono as he is know. This Costume is perfect for guys that want to dress up without overdoing it. Add our western wandering gunman hat and western wandering gunman holster and you have the complete look.


Men's Space Suit.

Out of all the Crazy Suits we stock this is our most popular. Loud colored suits where made even more popular by Opposuits and our crazy suits are truly loud. These come with jacket trouser and neck tie and are perfect for Costume parties, Bachelors Parties or Office Costume Parties.


Scouser Costume

Of all the funny costumes we carry and we carry a lot, this is a fan favorite. Simple yet funny, this costume comes with the shell suit jack and trouser. Complete the look wit our Scouser set that comes with the wig ans mustache. 


Men's Groovy Hippie Costume

As you know Hippie's have fun with or without a party. This costume embodies the Hippie movement. Our Groovy Hippie Costume will set the mood at any costume party. With waistcoat, shirt and flared trousers, you have everything you need to look like the king of all Hippie's. Want to add some facial hair, then get our 60s Hippie Kit. With the wig, mustache and glasses, your costume will surely be far out!


Carry Me Costumes

With several selections to pick from, our Carry Me Costumes have become very popular with men. From Cowboys to Banana man to Sinister Clowns, Our Carry Me costume is perfect for any guy that wants to be the center of attraction. These are light weight costumes that come in one size fits most.