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Smiffy's Gangster Holster

Be the boss in the next weekend party with a unique gangster costume from the Halloween Spot. Let all heads turn at you when you enter the party with a unique gangster costume and accessories. Our online store provides you with a wide range of such gangster Halloween costumes for men and women to rule the next party.

Being a gangster will require the correct costume and matching costume accessories. Here at the Halloween Spot you get a wide variety of choices to select the correct gangster outfit that you prefer to be in. These costumes for men and women are available in various colours, shapes and sizes. Choosing the right costume will not disappoint you as we offer all sizes. With the best quality of clothing you can purchase your chosen costume at the best affordable prices.

Gangster Hat White

To complete these costumes you will require the correct matching costume accessories. In order to purchase these accessories you will need to browse through our various gangster costume accessories categories to select the matching accessories for your costume.

The most common accessories are the gangster hat. They are available in various designs and colours. These hats can be used by both men and women for the gangster costume. For men you can purchase the gangster moustache to give a unique look with your costume. You can also get various ties in black and white to match your suit costume for gangster. Never forget the gun and the gangster holster to give a complete look in the party. The gangster kits are quiet popular and they are the best sellers on our online store.

So if you want to be the boss in the next party and rule the crowd, come to the Halloween Spot for a unique gangster costume. You will have a memorable Halloween party with our costume.