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London Bobby Hat

Who never wants to be a cop and lookout for mischief in the party? To complete your cop or prisoner costume for the next party the Halloween spot provides you with a wide range of cop costume accessories. You can browse through our categories to purchase a variety of costume accessories that match your Halloween costume for the next big party.

A costume alone doesn’t complete your character in the party. Therefore the Halloween spot offers you with a wide range of various costume accessories for various characters that you want to be during the holidays. One such category is our cop and prisoner costume accessories. Matching your costume you can purchase a matching accessory to complete your attire.

Mini Cop Hat

These accessories are available for both men and women and come in various sizes to make a perfect fit for your chosen costume. The mini cop hat, metal and plastic handcuffs, aviator specs and convict chains are some of the top selling costume accessories for your cop or convict costume. You can use them as a prop and complete the character to surprise your family and friends in the next party.

The Halloween spot provides these accessories with various colours and they are available at much cheaper and affordable prices. They are so realistic that they you will look like the real cop or the prisoner in the party. You can play around in the party with your friends to catch the convicts and have fun all around. These accessories are sure to give you a smarter look in the party resembling the original character doing their duty.

So stop looking elsewhere over the internet for a cop or convict costume as the Halloween spot offers you a wide range of these costume along with accessories. These accessories are sure to keep the decorum in the party.