Build your Own Halloween Costume

Build your Own Halloween Costume

Build a unique Halloween Costume look that is yours. Release your creativity by shopping our Build Your Own Section. Anyone can buy a witch costume, but you can also mix and match to build a 60's witch costume for your next Halloween Party. We have something for everyone. Let your imagination run wild building that unique Costume for Halloween.


How to Build Your Own Costumes

Imagine you are invited to a disco themed costume party, but so where all you friends. How do you make sure to stand out in  a party where everyone will be shopping for the same disco style costumes. Well you build your own. By mixing and matching costume separates, you can build a unique looking costume that displays your impeccable taste.

The key to building your costume is to assemble your costume pieces boutique style. What we mean is to start from your head all the way to your feet.

Starting off on the head you can pick from a wide array of Wigs, Hats or Headbands. Remember just because its a 60's themed party, doesn't mean you have to always go Afro. You can be a 60's Hippie with one of our Hippie wigs, Or a 60's Rocker with a rocker wig.

Before you rush to the craft store or start filling up your Halloween Spot cart, take a closer look at what you already own because most of these homemade costume ideas, which range in price, theme, and crafting ability, are simply an elevated version of what you already have hanging in your closet. With minimal effort and materials, you can easily throw together these last-minute looks to bring color, puns, and pop culture to the party. That makes these genius, party-ready picks the best costumes ever, right?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to plan in advance, Halloween seems to show up out of nowhere. Maybe you've spent time getting your kids' Halloween costumes and forgot you wanted to dress up yourself. Or maybe the fall was so busy you forgot to plan anything at all for Halloween. That's where these creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas come in handy.

Cheap Halloween costumes don’t get better than this. These costumes can work for all kinds of Halloween party themes and situations, particularly if the mood is more playful and funny than seriously spooky. Best of all, last minute costumes usually mean using materials you have around. This translates into saving money! So you can have cool homemade costumes that are made super quickly and inexpensively.



Next is to go lower to optional jewelry. Now even though we say optional, why wouldn't you want to go all out with this costume ensemble. We have a wide selection of Costume Jewelry to pick from. From Big gold chains, to hippie medallions, you are free to accessorize as you wish, remember this is your unique creation.


Next we move to a top. With this we suggest you let your color imagination run wild. We have Costume shirts in several styles, sizes and colors. Remember this is for a 60's costume party, so the bolder the colors the better.


Now that you have the top half of you outfit ready now for the pants. You need disco pants, We have them. We stock a large selection of bell bottom pants perfect for men and women. 


Finish up your unique diy costume with your favorite pair of disco shoes.