Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Adults

Halloween began as the festival of Samhain. It was part of the ancient Celtic religion in Britain and other parts of Europe. The Celts who lived 2000 years back were mostly from now Ireland, United Kingdom and northern France.

They celebrated their new year on November 1st . This day was marked as the end of summer by the Celts and the beginning of the dark, cold winter. This time of the year was often associated with human deaths. Hence the Celts believed that the before the new year started for them, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. They believed that on this day the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.

Borrowing this celebration from Europe Americans began to dress up in various costumes to celebrate this event called “trick-or-treat” Adult costumestradition. This event became so popular that by the 1930’s Halloween was marked as a national holiday in America. Halloween became more popular over the years and today
the country spends approximately $6 billion annually for this festival. It is the second largest commercial holiday celebrated in United States of America after Christmas.

Halloween is all about getting together in their favorite horror and zombie costume to mark the holiday and celebrate the darkness. With the advancement of technology we have developed a variety of Halloween costumes to cater all tastes of human adults. Costumes are the best way to represent your character this festival.

Halloween costumes come in various categories and you can choose what you like to be on Halloween. Apart from horror, vampire and zombie costumes we also specialize in various characters from movies and fairy tales. Halloween is all about celebrating and funny costumes are also in rack to make it an
amusement party to celebrate the big holiday.

But costumes alone do not make your day. Makeup for the right character and with the correct accessories is definitely required to make the festival a successful one. Wearing your favorite Halloween costume will make the party more lively with your family and friends.

A good costume will definitely show your character and skills for the next Halloween party. Choosing the correct costume will all depend on the store and availability. The Halloween Spot is all about getting the right Halloween costumes for adults so that you look just like the character that you have dreamt for the next Halloween party. With a large variety of options to choose from you can get the perfect size and fit for all measurements – be it a small or extra large. Thanks to The Halloween Spot for fulfilling the wish for everyone.
Let help you decide what to be for Halloween. With a wide selection of Halloween Costumes for Men and Women to choose from. Ranging from our Sexy Military Costumes to our Men’s Day of The Dead Costumes, we have unique Halloween Costumes at low prices. So if you want to be Sexy, Scary, Funny or Cute for Halloween, we have the Costumes for you.

60's Costumes

60s adult costumes
Fun, Clean and Cute. These costumes are perfect for any Party. Have fun with these and add one of our GoGo boots

Costume from Around The World

adult costumes from around the world
Go around the world and dress in a corresponding costume when you shop from our Around the World selection. With Frenchmen Costumes, British flag Costumes, and the ever popular Bavarian Men costumes, You want it, we have it.

Movie/TV Inspired Costumes

adult movie costume
Love the dumb and dumber movies, Adams family or Peter Pan movies? Then going to a costume party as one of these characters is a no brainer. These costumes work perfectly for couples who want to add some flare to their costume game. Don't forget to add one of our Costume Wigs to give you that perfect Halloween Feel you crave for.

Time Period Costumes.

adult 20's costume
Have a 20's themed party to attend? Or you just want to dress as sharp as Jay Gatsby. Then you can't go wrong with a time period inspired costume. Our time period section covers every decade from the 20's all the way to the 90's.

Scary Adult Costumes

scary adult costumes
Nothing beats a scary costume. But there is scary then there is classic scary. Costumes like a Minister of Death take scary to a whole new place. For the ladies we have the Gothic Nun Costume. Imagine heading our to your next costume party as a couple dressed in these. Yikes!
adult scary costumes

Sexy Adult Costumes

To bring out the sexy during Halloween, we went ahead and made your favorite costumes in sexy versions. Boxers, Space cadets, Day of the dead, Nuns, Disco, Flapper, Military etc. We didn't leave any genre out. Adding anyone of our numerous accessories to a sexy ensemble will surely turn heads.
sexy adult costumes