Adult Flapper Halloween Costumes

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Flapper Halloween Costume

Women's Plus Size 1920's Gatsby Girl Flapper Costume

Bring back the roaring 1920’s fashion at the next party with a glamorous flapper costume. The 20's decade saw a big change in women fashion and clothing became more lose and shorter for them. The unique Gatsby style was introduced with the introduction to women flapper costumes.

The Halloween spot offers such unique Halloween costumes to make you look like the beautiful 20’s women. The costumes are available in various styles, sizes and lengths. You will never be disappointed as we provide the perfect fit for all customers. You can puff the smoke away with these unique costumes from the past. They will surely suit every personality to give a unique vintage style for the next party.

Women's Roaring 20's Costume Set

With these freestyle costumes you will definitely require the accessories to complete you look. The Halloween spot provides you with all accessories required to be the flapper queen of the evening. The flapper wig, the jeweled headband, the long beaded necklace and a cigarette holder can all be found on our website. You have to just browse through our categories to choose the right accessory for your flapper costume.

Enter the next party with these unique styled costumes to make your friends jealous. Let all the eyes be on you and you will be the queen of the evening. These flapper costumes are the true representative of the great Gatsby. These costumes are perfect for any weekend parties or any vintage themed parties. You can select you costume from a wide range of colours matching your personality. We provide satisfaction for all kinds of people.

So get ready and browse our categories to get the best ever flapper costume for the next party. Be the flapper queen with the light focused on you in the party. And the boys will be naughty around you.