Adult Convict Halloween Costumes

Convict Halloween Costumes 

Women's Convict Chick Adult Costume

Who wants to be a convict and get punished? But with our collection of funny and sexy convict Halloween costumes you will love to be the prisoner in the next weekend party. Dressing up in these beautiful costumes will make you the center of attraction in the party.

Keep your children away from these costumes. The prisoner costumes are available for both men and women for fun and styling in the party. They can be used for any costume parties, Halloween and for adult parties. Some even come with zombie blood and attire to celebrate the largest holiday here. The costumes come in various sizes and designs and you won’t be disappointed with the style and most importantly the perfect fit to your boy.

Men's Zombie Convict Costume

To complete these convict costume the Halloween spot also offers various accessories that go with these prisoners. Things like convict chains, sexy hand cuffs and ball and chain for prisoners are all available at the same store when you browse through our categories. Choosing the right accessory for your costume will give you all the complements and grin in the party. The Halloween spot even offers the bad girl prisoner costume, a lingerie costume set that will make the night naughty.

So let your friends be jealous by staring at you in the next party when you wear the best convict costume from the Halloween spot. With the right costume and accessories you are sure to turn all heads making the light focused on you. So stop looking elsewhere for buying the fancy costume for your next weekend party, because the Halloween spot offers you the widest range of selection from a variety of choices to cater every taste for a celebration.