1970's Halloween Costumes

1970's Halloween Costume

Women's 1970's Groovy Babe Costume

The 1970’s saw a huge change in fashion for both men and women. With the introduction of bell bottom pants, frayed jeans and costumes like midi skirts and peasant blouses were quiet popular during this decade. To bring this fashion in today’s time Halloween spot is providing you with unique Halloween costumes and all that you need to look and wear from the 70’s era.

Get ready for the next party with your friends with a unique 70’s costume and get all the complements. These theme based costumes can be worn on any parties like Halloween, new year, retro themed parties and even memorial day parties. Make your friends jealous with you unique costume and style that you get in the Halloween spot.

The Halloween spot caters to all taste and along with the right costume you choose you can select the right costume accessory to match your style. Accessories like the chokers, headbands scarves and jewelry for early 70’s hippie costume can be found on our website by browsing through the different categories. Also you won’t get disappointed getting the right size for your chosen costume. We provide costumes of all sizes so that even the skinny and the extra curves can fit comfortably for the party. Last but not the least you can also get matching wigs from the 70’s to complete your look for the party.

Therefore if you are looking to rock and roll the party and make your friends jealous at your next weekend party come to Halloween spot to get the best ever 1970’s costume. Let all eyes following you in the party praise the style and ask you about the treasure. The crowd is sure to swarm around you. So don’t wait and browse through our 1970’s categories to get the best deal ever.